Original summer vacations in Brittany, on board a house-boat !

Summer vacations in Brittany with a stay on board a floating cottage…

For a well-deserved rest !

There is something magical about spending your summer vacations in Brittany aboard an unusual floating accommodation on the Nantes-Brest canal. This region of France is known for its beautiful landscapes, rich culture and delicious food. But there’s something particularly special about experiencing this home on the water.

First of all, the Nantes-Brest Canal is a place of relaxation and tranquility. It is far from the crowds and noise of the city, allowing you to reconnect with nature. The mornings are quiet, no noise except the sound of birds and the sound of flowing water. The evenings are also peaceful, with beautiful sunsets reflected on the water. It is a perfect place to recharge your batteries and disconnect from the daily stress.

Activities and leisure in Josselin (56) and its surroundings.

First of all, for your future summer vacations on board our floating cottages, you will be at the forefront to visit the mythical forest of Brocéliande.

From this land of King Arthur’s legend, you will be able to discover the castles, the storytelling walks and crisscross the whole Brocéliande. And if you miss the beaches, you are only a few steps away from the Gulf of Morbihan and its splendid islands! Secondly, the house on the water itself offers a unique way to experience the region. There is something special about waking up in the morning on board the floating houses and seeing the beautiful scenery around the floating houses. Your activities around will be soothing and punctuated by a gentle way of life! Just browse our website and discover the panel. You will have electric boat rides on the river Oust. Also, rides on our electrically assisted bicycles.

Finally, Brittany is also known for its rich gastronomic culture. Fresh seafood and local dishes such as crêpe and cider are delicious. Living aboard one of our houses on the water gives you the opportunity to cook your own meals with local products. In addition, you can enjoy your meals while looking at the beautiful scenery.

Summer vacations in Brittany are about relaxation, culture and well-being!

All in all, spending your summer vacations in the heart of Brittany, aboard a house on the water on the Nantes-Brest canal is a unique and memorable experience. It offers a peaceful way to reconnect with nature, discover the region at your own pace and enjoy the delicious local dishes. It is an experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories for years to come.

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